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Michael Pittas has lived and loved cakes all his life. His boyhood was spent learning the bakers art in his father's shop - from helping sugar the doughnuts to riding on the crossbars of papa's bicycle as he delivered confections to his discerning customers.

After moving to England in the 1960's Michael served his apprenticeship under expert tutelage at his uncle's bakery, before aquiring his own ovens. His passion for baking now had full reign for experiment and expression. Creating both traditional cakes and other confections inspired from around the world has helped him produce a unique range of delicious high quality cakes all of which are made with love and named after his wife Pearl.

Craftsman that he is, Michael strives each day to make his cakes better - ensuring we can enjoy each and every mouthful.

View our range of faimly sized cakes & pies.

The Pearl's® Brand

Pearl's is our registered brand. We are able to produce our Pearl's cakes at very competitive prices as we do not have expensive, wasteful layers of management. Initiative and teamwork are encouraged and a commitment to producing the best product with the highest quality of ingredients is always the Prime Directive. All our products are ambient stable with a long shelf life and are suitable for the retail, snacking and food service markets.

Good products require good packaging to captivate and intrigue the potential buyer in those precious first few seconds. Our passion for our products is reflected in our passion for our packaging. It is painstakingly conceived through a combination of many years of retail trade experience, flair, traditional draughtsmenship and the very latest in computer design and print technology.

This is why we confidently claim that every pack is a hardworking salesman for us - and you.

View our range of Pearl's ® café snacking items.

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